casa carlotta
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The origins of Casa Carlotta have been lost in the past but we understand that the original dwelling has been standing for at least 300 years and over time it has been extended to its present size. As a typical casa colonica of the region the contadini would have lived on the first floor and the ground floor would have been the stables for the various animals typically cows & mules and to store the birocci (carts) which would eventually be replaced by small tractors. Up to the late sixties the casa colonica was still in use as a working farm and two brothers and their extended families lived in the property farming their nearby fields, drawing water from the well in the garden and typically cooking the main meals in the traditional wood burning bread oven in the garden & the large upstairs fireplace.

Having fallen in love with the region and viewed many properties we discovered what is now Casa Carlotta nestling in the beautiful Valle del Fiume Musone and decided it was the right house for us. After the usual permissions were obtained from the local commune the restoration and renovation project was started in July 2007 with the invaluable help of the well known local architect and designer Dottore Amos Mase, who with his design studio managed the project, employing teams of local artisans and stonemasons.

The renovation project was finished in December 2008 ahead of schedule and the result is a stunningly (at least we think so!) renovated farmhouse which, whilst retaining its original integrity has been totally refurbished with all the possible modern fittings including four state of the art bathrooms, two bespoke handcrafted kitchens amongst many other refinements, infact too many to list, so please visit us to find out for yourselves.